the grim reaper must die!

from by Kingdom of Priests

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By: Sam G.
Our story begins in Transylvania, in the year of 1792, in a spooky graveyard at midnight. It has fog everywhere and the trees don’t have any leaves. It is fall, but it is cold because it is in Russia. Count Dracula has just awakened on a search for blood. After that, he will try to recreate Frankenstein. He does not have much time though, only until sunrise. Then he goes back into his coffin. The coffin had a carving of the devil killing Dracula. The inside of the coffin is covered in pillows that are sewed on. The pillows are covered in pink satin. But he does not usually try to recreate Frankenstein; usually he fights with the Grim Reaper and loses. They fight because Dracula wants the scythe. The scythe is what the Grim Reaper uses to kill people and whatnot. It is the only thing that can kill the Grim Reaper. The scythe is the only thing that can kill anything because when you cut something’s head off, it stays that way and you die automatically. As a boy, the scythe was a toy that monsters could play with. Dracula really wanted it but he didn’t have enough money. He saved all of his money, finally he had enough to buy it. When he got to the store, there was only one left, and then the Grim Reaper took it. That’s why he hates the Grim Reaper. He is tiring of losing all the fights that they fought over the scythe. So he is taking a break and getting back to Frankenstein; he has left him alone for a couple of hundred years. Obviously he never dies because he is the living dead. But he will be back on his feet and ready to fight in no time. He will only have one more battle, but this one will be much longer because he is going to rent an arena with no windows or lights. After about a year, he is back on his feet and the Grim Reaper says yes, he will fight Dracula. It is the final day and Dracula is ready to get that scythe back!
They started at exactly midnight: Dracula drank the blood of five cows and was ready to rumble! The grim Reaper was ready as ever, too. But this time, no scythe to fight Dracula with for the Reaper. Dracula makes the first move @He hits the Grim Reaper in the ribs real hard! Dracula takes the lead! Dracula falls on the Reaper on purpose. It does not look good for the Grim Reaper. Dracula throws him to the ground, and starts pinning him down! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Dracula wins! He has won the scythe back. Look at that smile!
Dracula goes back to his grave and is ready to kill some people with the scythe. And he is happier than ever.
The end


The grim reaper must die. c. Kingdom of priests 2012
The grim reaper must die.
He has stolen the Scythe
The snake in the garden
Throw him into the fiery abyss.
The grim reaper must die
On the red highway
Not following you
And your kiss of death
Never ending sleep bed
Says the Court of The Dead
Don’t worry, we’ll raise an army
We will have our revenge.
The grim reaper must die
On your blood highway
Not following you
And your kiss of death
He chants, “will they have faith in me..?
Will they raise me up a champion?”
She cries to the foggy graves,
“Do I electrify you!?”
Smoke drips out on the sky


from The Grim Reaper Must Die!, released December 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Kingdom of Priests Charlottesville, Virginia

"The Grim Reaper Must Die!" By Charlottesville, VA, USA based band, "Kingdom Of Priests" on, (Belmont Fountain, LLC)
Hank Moses, with Jordan Marchini of Bella Morte, Brian Craddock of Daughtry and Cat Room Studios, Marilena Zackheos of Grendel Babies, Joey Falcone formerly of Kingdom Of Priests, Shep Stacy of Stacy's Music and Aquanet,Ford Englander formerly at
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